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Fun Ideas For a "Stay-cation" in Greensboro, North Carolina

Posted on 02-15-2015


Spring break will be here soon and now is the time to start making plans. It’s easy to find great ways to entertain your family if you have the time and financial resources. You can fly to a resort location and enjoy white sands and an ocean front villa. You could also take a family trip to New York and enjoy shopping or a Broadway play. Of course, a Disney vacation is always a treat. As fun as those trips can be, a "stay-cation" can be a good alternative that provides fun and excitement while saving money and enjoying an excellent spring break with your family.

With a little creativity and thoughtful planning your family can enjoy many Greensboro, North Carolina attractions and quality time together.

Here are some fun ideas for a "stay-cation" in Greensboro:

  • Have a healthy day at home. A healthy day at home is all about enjoying health and nutrition as a family. Start with a nutritious breakfast and a morning workout. Enjoy cooking a healthy lunch then take a walk at a nearby park. Wrap up your day with stretches and a family movie.
  • Plan a gameday tournament. Visit the local park and play several games together. Try to get some friends involved and make it a fun day of games, food, and fun.
  • Spend the night in a local hotel, swim and enjoy room service.
  • Go fishing and camping.
  • Have a movie marathon. Pick a day to stay indoors and watch movies all day.
  • Redecorate your room. Allow your children to decorate their own room.

A "stay-cation" is a great way to spend a week together because you can choose several activities to enjoy. Have a family talk and decide which activities are best for your family. Get the details for each location, decide on your budget, and get ready to have a great "stay-cation" week.

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