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Fun Ways Your Child Can Learn by Planting a Garden

Posted on 04-15-2015

Spring is finally here and that means fun outdoors for the entire family. One activity that the family can enjoy, while creating a learning opportunity for children, is planting a spring garden together.

Gardening helps preschoolers learn responsibility as they observe the plants growing. They learn to comprehend when the plants need water and fertilizer. They see the plants growing and learn to appreciate rain and sunshine. They also learn to keep the flower garden clean and free from weeds and debris.

Start by visiting your local nursery or home store and ask questions about the tools that you need. Also ask about soil, plants, seeds and other supplies that you might need. Talk to the service representative about some of the flowers that you like. Find out what grows best in your climate and is most suitable for the space where you will plant.

To get started, prepare the area where you will plant. Place the plants in the soil based on the instructions provided. Water and fertilize as recommended. Keep the area clean and free of weeds and problem insects. Enjoy the beauty of your garden with your family.

The more you work in the garden together, the more comfortable your child will become with the responsibility of watering and maintaining your garden. If you plant vegetables, it will be a special treat to prepare a meal with the healthy food from the garden. If you plant flowers be sure to take pictures and share the beauty that you have created.

For more information on creative ways we teach children, feel free to contact us or stop by for a tour.

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