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Greensboro NC Child Care: Child Brain Development by the Weeks

Posted on 01-22-2015


Most infants’ brain development will follow a predictable pattern in the first few weeks of life. Your child will reach milestones much more quickly than other children of the same age while developing some skills much later than others. This is quite normal and simply means that the brain is working to prioritize certain skills. This blog will focus on your infant’s brain development from week-to-week.

Week one – seventeen

The first four months of your child’s life are characterized by massive brain development as he or she responds to all of the new sensory stimuli. This is evident in how your child is fascinated by high contrasting colors, bright lights, and interesting new sounds. Your child will also begin to track and follow the movements of objects and people.

Week seventeen – week twenty-four

Your child should now recognize familiar faces and react positively to your company, as well as, the company of siblings, and other close relatives. Your child will not only react to faces, he or she should respond with babbling and giggling whenever spoken to. Your infant will also begin to explore the surrounding area by trying to grab objects from his or her surrounding area.

Week twenty-five – forty-eight

Your infant will now be more mobile than he or she used to be. Sitting up, crawling, and perhaps even taking a few assisted steps are all characteristics of this period. The mental capacity of your child will also begin to increase. He or she should be able to utter a few words while repeating actions from memory.

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